Shawn & Angie | Maternity Session

Oh these two...they are basically adorable in every way, lets face it. Sweet Angie is all belly and super cute. Pretty sure she gained like half an ounce during her pregnancy. I love that these two let me have total creative freedom, even down to their outfits! haha, having trust in what I do makes my job that much more fun. We of course had to shoot into the "golden hour", or as Shawn refers to it, "the golden shower". He had no idea what it was, but once I explained to him its when your photos have this amazing light...ya know?!?!! He's like "uh sure!" haha. I'm so honored to be this sweet babes Godparent down, sweet baby Nolan- here you are before we got to meet your sweet face! You were loved and prayed for by so many before you even took your first breath. 

Jacky & Dominic | Married

Jacky & Dominic had one of the most beautiful weddings I've ever been apart of! Seriously! They are both SO sweet, inside and out. Their wedding was straight out of a magazine! No, really, it was. The wedding took place at 809 Vickery in Fort Worth, Texas. Many of the vintage props came from "Rent My Dust" and WOW...they are STUNNING! They even had a custom, made-to-order cigar bar! Everything about this wedding was so chic. The wedding was complete with a first look and beautiful sparklers to wrap up the night! Thank you both for allowing me to capture your beautiful wedding! 

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How to make a tulle skirt | DIY

DIY Tulle skirt!

I've had a few requests on how I made this amazing tulle skirt I used in a styled shoot. 
Let me first start out by saying that my sister-in-law, Amanda, basically did this entire thing, 
so I owe her all the credit. I read a few posts on Pinterest and sort of combined them 
into what we made for the finished product.

All items are from Joann fabric. Amanda and I each had 2 coupons, one from their text app and one from their website that we pulled up on our phones, so a total of 4 coupons were used to purchase all the fabric (roughly $30 total for everything after coupons). As you can see I bought a big batch of 20 yard tulle. It was $30, but we used a half off coupon. This is the fabric I used as the base. The other 3 shades shown I have 5 yards of each. I ended up NOT using the darkest color shown, so ignore that one. You can see pictured the elastic. It's just basic stretchy elastic. We unrolled the tulle and measured it from the top of my rib cage down to the floor. We made sure it draped a little extra on the floor because I would rather have it be too long then too short. Then we cut that entire bolt into strips all the same length. 

From there I folded the fabric into an accordion and folded it over the elastic band. Amanda sewed the two pieces of tulle together (she went back and forth over it a few times). We did this until the first layer was totally done! 

After the first layer was complete, we took the other shades and measured them out to be about 1.5 feet SHORTER then the main skirt. Really its just personal preference. Amanda layered them next to each other. While you are sewing it's good to have someone hold back the rest of the tulle. It gets hard for the sewer to even see what they are sewing if you don't!

Front of skirt:

Back of skirt:  As you can see here, the tulle is just folded over, and sewn together. Make sure you allow for a few inches to sew the pieces together when measuring it out. On the last layer, Amanda sewed the darkest color OVER the original white tulle to add in some layering.

End of skirt: Amanda just folded over the elastic and sewed it so it didn't slide off. We had some ribbon and just sewed a little piece to it so we would have a way to tie the skirt. I decided NOT to ever sew the two ends together so it could be easily adjustable and worn by any size.

As you can see here, its really just a strip of elastic with the tulle sewn to it.

And bam! You're done! 

As you can see below, we didn't do anything to the top of the skirt, I thought I needed a ribbon to cover up the top pieces, but it kept sliding off. So we just went with the original top.

Mandi is everything!

As you can see below, Mandi actually just had light pants on and we slid the tulle 
forward to make it look more full in the photos.

She is basically amazing, and rock climbed in a tulle skirt!

I love this skirt because its so versatile! This photo we just pulled the 
skirt up and put it behind her head. It makes the photos so dreamy!

Hopefully this tutorial helps you make your dreamy tulle skirt too!

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John & Kristen

About two years ago Ben and I walked into a church without knowing a soul. These two walked up to us and welcomed us with open arms. I can't say how thankful I am for their friendship. They always know the best places to do EVERYTHING in this state. I can't thank them enough for being such dear friends to us, we will truly miss you both! A huge shout out to Mitas Hill Vineyard for allowing us to shoot at your beautiful vineyard!

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Jessica & Ryan | Engaged

What rain storm?! Yes, it always works that way, right? Jessica and Ryan flew me out to Omaha, Nebraska to shoot their engagement photos (where they live). It would figure we had rain that one day, but we didn't let that stop us. It always amazes me how beautiful inside shoots can be. These two rocked it, we went all over! To the ice cream parlor, a parking garage, a laundromat (this has been on my bucket list...I loved it!!!), and then the sun decided to come out for a little, and we got some beautiful outdoor shots as well. We can't forget about their epic shirts they brought. They are my favorite! I can't wait to shoot your wedding next month you two!!!

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Jacky & Dominic | Engaged

Can I just say that I'm totally obsessed with this engagement session? Jacky & Dominic are not only one of the sweetest couples, but so they are so beautiful inside and out. They were so awesome and game for anything, so much so that they were willing to cross off one of my 'bucket list' shoots. A PILLOW FIGHT! Yes, it happened and it was everything I wanted and more! I just love it, and their cute pups joined us too! I love at home shoots, I think I need to do more of these... 

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Kate & Rory | Engaged

Meet Kate & Rory! I had so much fun with these two. Kate said they wanted to try somewhere unique and different for their engagement session. The first place that came to mind was Brewed, in Fort Worth, Texas. I have eaten their AMAZING food a few times, and always thought it would be an awesome place to do a session. So we did just that! I tell people who have never been's like anthropology made a restaurant. Vintage couches, vintage cameras- yeah, basically how I want my living room to look. These two rocked it and I had such a good time getting to know them. Not to mention Kate's amazing sparkle jacket complete with was pretty awesome! I'm so excited to shoot their wedding in June!

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Jennye & Adam

I was pretty excited when I got a message the day before this session from miss Jennye. I have "known" her for a few years now thanks to a Facebook photography group (Yay P31). She asked if was available to do a headshot/couples session! It was somewhat of a gloomy day, complete with wind, and my reflect bag landing in the bottom of the pool- but we didn't let this bother us for one second. I've come to love gloomy days, it gives the photos this dreamy, romantic feel. We shot at the NYLO hotel, and basically had the place to ourselves! Check out these cuties and see MORE of my work at:

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Erika & Horacio | Married

Erika & Horacio are MARRIED!!! This was my first ever elopement that I've shot, and it was so special to be apart of it! We didn't let the rain stop us! I was secretly super excited to shoot in the rain. For whatever reason the rain just made it that much more romantic. It made for some dreamy shots that I just love. The two chose to get married at the Grapevine Botanical Gardens. It was sweet, dreamy, and out of a storybook. I'm pretty much in love with Erika's headpiece that she MADE. My husband, Ben, officiated the wedding! We couldn't be more thrilled for these two, and felt honored to be apart of their day. Also...stay tuned for the second part of their session- that I will be shooting in the next few weeks (whenever Texas decides to warm up)- so be looking for those soon too!!

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Erika & Horacio | Engaged

Erika & Horacio are engaged! These two were so much fun to shoot with. I have known Erika for the past few years and she's just one of those people that gets my dry sense of humor. We laugh and design together and I feel so blessed to be friends with her! We had so much fun planning this engagement session. It took place in Turtle Creek Park in Dallas. We also had a super fun time at 'The Kalita Humphreys Theater'. This is where these two love birds had their first date! It was awesome to be there and have free reign of the place! I got to play a little bit with my flash and try out some new techniques! Lets not forget the awesome MASKS that they made to add an extra fun element to their session. In light of their wedding happening TOMORROW...I thought I would post their engagement session tonight! Enjoy!

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Engaged | Halie & Brady

I've known Halie for a few years, and she's always been just about as sweet and adorable as could be. Halie and Brady have been together since...well forever. I hadn't really gotten a chance to talk to him until their engagement shoot. They couldn't be more adorable and loving (which makes my job easier too!). It was a COLD...I mean...COLD (and windy) day in December when we did this session in Colorado! But these two did AMAZING, and you can't even tell we were all literally shaking between shots, haha. My assistant, aka my husband, held an umbrella to try and block the wind for these two. Not sure it worked all the time, but that worked to our advantage for some of these shots! (scroll and see!). I couldn't be more blessed and excited to shoot these cuties wedding in 2016! Hurry up June!! Enjoy! 

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The Ronchetti Family

Aside from the fact that these are some my FAVORITE people ever, they are just BEAUTIFUL inside and out. Miss Ava and Ella are my sweet cousins who pretty much just melt my heart. Mark & Krysty  (my uncle and aunt) have been a huge influence on my life. I remember as a kid thinking...I hope I grow up to be as cool as my aunt Krysty!! She has always gone out of her way to make me feel special, and loved. All through high school I would take trips to California, where she lived- and we would really and truly LIVE IT UP! She took me to all the hot spots to eat, and shop. I was way out of my league here, lets be honest. But they are truly some of the best memories I have. Fast forward a few years and Mr. Mark and the girls came into her life and I love every bit of them! I'm so thankful they are in my life, and allow me to drag them to random fields to take pictures. I remember quoting in the car "quick, we gotta find some field...this golden light is going to be gone!!". Of course when Mark Ronchetti is assigned a task, he not only does it, he does it quick! We found one and I hurried the girls along. Thorns and all, it was WORTH IT! Love you all!! Enjoy!

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Castro Family | Baby Ava

I had the honor of taking this little cuties newborn photos! The Castro family is just the sweetest, and totally in love with miss Ava. I mean...look at her face, who could blame them! Thank you for allowing me to capture these, Castro Family, they will last you forever!

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Ashley | Bridal Session

I have to say, this is one my FAVORITE sessions. Ashley, the sweet bride found me through Instagram. Oh how I love technology. She found this killer location, the Mitas Hill Vineyard in Mckinney, Texas. It was BEAUTIFUL, just like her! I am totally obsessed with her floral crown. It was just a beautiful shoot all around, and I'm so blessed that I was able to capture these bridal images to last her for a lifetime! 

I'm so excited that was chosen as an honorary mention for the Lemonade and Lenses cover contest! Such an honor to be apart of the top 30 chosen photographers.

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Baby Nathan Turned One!

Baby Nathan is one! I can't believe it. He's so darn cute. I seems like just yesterday I was taking his newborn photos! Ty and Tay are just about the sweetest couple who love this baby to pieces, and who can blame them! He was all smiles and a tad bit of confused when he got his cupcake, he had no idea what to do with it! haha. ENJOY! 

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Alicia & Jared | Engaged

To say I'm a little obsessed with this engagement session is an understatement. It was filled with so much love! (and heat, thanks Texas!) Jared and Alicia brought along their adorable daughter, McKenziewho refers to me as "miss Ashlee" which is just about the cutest thing ever.  I am just SO excited to shoot their wedding next June in Austin! If its anything like this engagement session... I know they will be beautiful!

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Becky & Chris | Married

I'm so excited to be posting these photos! Becky & Chris are just the sweetest couple. I had so much fun shooting their backyard wedding in Fort Worth, Texas. They really thought of every detail. The backyard was filled with flowers, moss, twinkle lights and lots of love! I just adore the fact that their puppy walked down the aisle with Becky- too cute!! A huge thank you to Ciera who was my awesome 2nd shooter! I hope you love their photos as much as I do!

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Jason & Brittany | Married

I'm so excited to be posting this tonight! Jason and Brittany are just the sweetest. They show what a true relationship looks like that is founded on the Lord. These two not only found each other, but Jason adopted a new little guy into his life, Kingston. He was double blessed! They make the perfect family, and its so evident that this was God's plan all along. Brittany made a BEAUTIFUL bride, but not only that- makes a beautiful mother. These two tied the knot at Arrowhead Golf Course in Littleton, Colorado. I was so happy to fly back to my roots and breathe in that Colorado air. God was totally shining down on these two that day- because the weather was PERFECT! I hope you enjoy their photos as much as they do!! A huge thank you to Lanett Franko who was my amazing 2nd shooter! 

(oh...and they totally did a first theres about a million pictures of the two of them, 
I just love when clients choose this option!)

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Annie & Will | Engaged

Where to start? Aside from the fact that these two are just about the sweetest couple I've ever met, they seriously make my 'job' easy! They have so much love, that posing these two just becomes natural. I feel so honored to be apart of their lives. I met Annie about...23 years ago when we were just youngsters! Annie moved away, but we kept in contact through the years. 20 years later she asked me to photographer their wedding. I couldn't be more excited to share their Colorado engagement session! Enjoy!

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Tyler & Emily | Married

I really can't believe I'm writing this blog post...but really...I am so happy that I am. It started 3 years ago in Kenya. This is where I met Emily. We were on a 4 month mission trip together. This girl was my rock when I really needed one. I kept this poor thing up all hours of the night, crying because I missed home, yada yada. She always knew how to make me smile, and knows how to pluck eyebrows like I've never seen before (really, mine never looked better). She knows how to make a serious poof in her hair, even in the middle of Africa (You will see that thing in these photos, it is beautiful). 

I remember Emily talking about Tyler when we were out there. They weren't together, but were waiting until God told them to be together, again. Emily would tell know you're going to photograph my wedding one day! I smile, in hopes that it will be true, but who REALLY knows...will we keep in touch? But we did. This girl got engaged almost 3 years after we got back. She called me and asked me to be their photographer, and I couldn't have been more honored to. These two are the definition of love, patience and most of all, a God centered relationship. The way they look each other is hard to describe-other then pure-PURE-love. These two did a first look (which I always LOVE when couples do-you will see why). Being able to capture Tyler's reaction...I just...can't handle it. It was SOOO beautiful. I know the way he looked at her that day is how he will for the rest of his life. It almost brought me to tears, mid shoot, haha. 

This is one of the biggest blog post I've ever done, and for good reason. I truly wanted to pour my heart out into this wedding and I hope that you all see that!


Emily & I in Kenya. I love this girl.

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