Meet my hubby

It's not often that I post anything personal on my website or blog, but I wanted to change that tonight. 
(sorry people, I may brag on him a bit)
Meet my husband, Ben. This guy can literally make my worst day change in a matter of seconds. He truly is my best friend. He makes me laugh, I work 5 days a week, and he ensures that dinner is made. If he can't be there when I'm home at 5, he makes sure that I have something to reheat. He does the laundry without question, cleans the house, and is completely obsessed with brushing his teeth for at least 5 minutes, yes, its true. Marrying someone is more then just the merging of your stuff (one little box of his shoes and watches), my stuff (an entire u-haul), my personality, and your personality. You think you know someone, and you honestly think you know yourself, and while its only been 8 months, I have learned that I never hang up my towel. I have learned that I don't know how to turn off the oven, and apparently don't smell anything burning for over two hours. I have learned that I snore. I have learned that it drives my significant other CRAZY that I hit snooze 3-4 times every morning. But I have also learned that he loves me, even though I can be a bit messy, and I can't cook to save my life, and I will never be a morning person; but he LOVES ME! and I get to stare at this amazing smile for the rest of my life. I am blessed to have a family that has accepted him as their own, and have in turn have the most amazing in-laws, ever. I am truly BLESSED for the life God has given me, and I am forever thankful for that. I am SO proud of him for going to school and pursing his dream in ministry.I know he will do amazing at whatever God has planned for him in 9 months when he graduates. I'm so blessed to be called his wife.  Everybody, meet my husband of 8 months...Ben! or become a fan on my Facebook