I don't do personal posts that often, but this one has been on my heart for quite some time. I haven't had the guts, or even know the words to type for all to see, and worst of all; judge.

We live in a society that is constantly changing, growing, but the most common thing I see is that ugly thing called 'want'. I want this..need this...but it's NEVER enough. I'm so guilty of this, as America has paid a pretty petty to get this mind set of constantly wanting more then we have, or in reality actually could ever need. The new iphone...I know, the big anticipated announcement is Sept. 10th. I know this...because I WANT IT. Do I need it? ...


Just over 2 years ago I went to Kenya for 3 and a half months, with no cell phone mind you...and had the hardest, but best months of my life. I met the most amazing people who have never been SO, SO happy. They literally have nothing, but they are willing to give you what a little food, shelter or comfort they may have for you. They live on pennies a day, yet ask for nothing from us.

We traveled to an IDP camp a few times a week over this time span and it was there that I met Sara. A little girl who was 5. She hardly spoke any english. She would hold my hand, and follow me around the whole day we were there. We would bring them food, sing songs, play with them, paint their nails (their favorite), and yet...would never, EVER ask for anything. Leaving little Sara and all the rest of the babies in Africa was the hardest, best thing I ever did. The last day at the IDP camp Sara wanted to give me her phone number so I could call her when I went back to America, her translator told me.  I pulled out a piece of paper from my journal so she could write on it. She wrote out the alphabet, because it was the closet thing to english she knew. That little scrap of paper means more to me then any souvenir I got. It was literally all I needed; I would love to go back one day.

Tonight It took me walking out of CVS, crying because I couldn't get my prescription to realize that all I had to do was call the next day to get it from my Doctor. Yet I let it take over my whole night and totally wreck me (okay, I'm tired and a bit on edge too)... BUT REALLY! It's SOOO NOT A BIG DEAL! These sweet babies from Africa may never see a doctor, or ever be able to get that prescription that they need. We have so much to be thankful for here. We all need some perspective, including me; DAILY. Just remember how blessed we are, and that all you may need is a little scrap of paper to remind you just how loved you are. 

Me giving Sara my little Bunny stuffed animal Ben (my husband) had given me before I left to kenya.
I can never forget that sweet smile she gave me.