Ben & Stacy | Styled Session | Texas

This session has been a long time planning. I have dreamt up my 'vision'...while my husband looked at me with a blank face in the thrift store- you want to buy a gold plate for .60...WHY?!?!..."for my styled session!" He has come to no longer ask questions, but smile and nod when it comes to any of my photography "visions". I don't know HOW...why...or how I even come to decide what I want to bring, but I just starting throwing everything in a giant Ikea bag a few days before the session. I raided the flower section at Hobby Lobby while they were half off...pulled out my hot glue gun and created a headband. I went to Central Market (a fancy grocery store here) and told the florist I wanted a beautiful bridal bouquet on a small budget. She pointed me in the direction of the "mix and match" flowers, and I chose 6 smaller bouquets to create the one you see ($20...not bad!). I have the most amazing people in my life, who just "go with it". Stacy and Ben are seriously the SWEETEST...and BEAUTIFUL inside and out. I love them both! Enjoy!!