Our new place!

First off, let me tell you how much cleaning was required of me in order to do this post...TOO MUCH! Which is why I have been avoiding doing this blog post for so long, but those (all 3 of you) that have asked to see our new place, here ya go! I by no means want this to come off as 'look at what we have',  but our Colorado family/friends have wanted to see it.

Ben and I moved to Texas 2 years ago with no jobs, no friends, no money- and God has totally provided. We don't have the nicest things, the biggest place, but we are every bit grateful for what we DO have, as we have worked SO hard these last two years to get to where we are now. I take nothing for granted and look around and I'm truly thankful for everything we have. Those that know me...know I love anything DIY, so if ya keep scrolling...you can see a few of our before and after projects!

A HUGE Thank you to my mom for flying out to help us set this whole place up! and for making our curtains and many of the pillows you see laying around! Also a huge thank you to Chase, who made our coffee table...he is basically awesome, if you need furniture made, he's your guy! I'll get you in touch with him if you need something!


-Ben & Ashlee