Tyler & Emily | Married

I really can't believe I'm writing this blog post...but really...I am so happy that I am. It started 3 years ago in Kenya. This is where I met Emily. We were on a 4 month mission trip together. This girl was my rock when I really needed one. I kept this poor thing up all hours of the night, crying because I missed home, yada yada. She always knew how to make me smile, and knows how to pluck eyebrows like I've never seen before (really, mine never looked better). She knows how to make a serious poof in her hair, even in the middle of Africa (You will see that thing in these photos, it is beautiful). 

I remember Emily talking about Tyler when we were out there. They weren't together, but were waiting until God told them to be together, again. Emily would tell me...you know you're going to photograph my wedding one day! I smile, in hopes that it will be true, but who REALLY knows...will we keep in touch? But we did. This girl got engaged almost 3 years after we got back. She called me and asked me to be their photographer, and I couldn't have been more honored to. These two are the definition of love, patience and most of all, a God centered relationship. The way they look each other is hard to describe-other then pure-PURE-love. These two did a first look (which I always LOVE when couples do-you will see why). Being able to capture Tyler's reaction...I just...can't handle it. It was SOOO beautiful. I know the way he looked at her that day is how he will for the rest of his life. It almost brought me to tears, mid shoot, haha. 

This is one of the biggest blog post I've ever done, and for good reason. I truly wanted to pour my heart out into this wedding and I hope that you all see that!



Emily & I in Kenya. I love this girl.

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