How to make a tulle skirt | DIY

DIY Tulle skirt!

I've had a few requests on how I made this amazing tulle skirt I used in a styled shoot. 
Let me first start out by saying that my sister-in-law, Amanda, basically did this entire thing, 
so I owe her all the credit. I read a few posts on Pinterest and sort of combined them 
into what we made for the finished product.

All items are from Joann fabric. Amanda and I each had 2 coupons, one from their text app and one from their website that we pulled up on our phones, so a total of 4 coupons were used to purchase all the fabric (roughly $30 total for everything after coupons). As you can see I bought a big batch of 20 yard tulle. It was $30, but we used a half off coupon. This is the fabric I used as the base. The other 3 shades shown I have 5 yards of each. I ended up NOT using the darkest color shown, so ignore that one. You can see pictured the elastic. It's just basic stretchy elastic. We unrolled the tulle and measured it from the top of my rib cage down to the floor. We made sure it draped a little extra on the floor because I would rather have it be too long then too short. Then we cut that entire bolt into strips all the same length. 

From there I folded the fabric into an accordion and folded it over the elastic band. Amanda sewed the two pieces of tulle together (she went back and forth over it a few times). We did this until the first layer was totally done! 

After the first layer was complete, we took the other shades and measured them out to be about 1.5 feet SHORTER then the main skirt. Really its just personal preference. Amanda layered them next to each other. While you are sewing it's good to have someone hold back the rest of the tulle. It gets hard for the sewer to even see what they are sewing if you don't!

Front of skirt:

Back of skirt:  As you can see here, the tulle is just folded over, and sewn together. Make sure you allow for a few inches to sew the pieces together when measuring it out. On the last layer, Amanda sewed the darkest color OVER the original white tulle to add in some layering.

End of skirt: Amanda just folded over the elastic and sewed it so it didn't slide off. We had some ribbon and just sewed a little piece to it so we would have a way to tie the skirt. I decided NOT to ever sew the two ends together so it could be easily adjustable and worn by any size.

As you can see here, its really just a strip of elastic with the tulle sewn to it.

And bam! You're done! 

As you can see below, we didn't do anything to the top of the skirt, I thought I needed a ribbon to cover up the top pieces, but it kept sliding off. So we just went with the original top.

Mandi is everything!

As you can see below, Mandi actually just had light pants on and we slid the tulle 
forward to make it look more full in the photos.

She is basically amazing, and rock climbed in a tulle skirt!

I love this skirt because its so versatile! This photo we just pulled the 
skirt up and put it behind her head. It makes the photos so dreamy!

Hopefully this tutorial helps you make your dreamy tulle skirt too!

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