Elya + Eric | Milk bath Maternity Session

My beautiful sister-in-law wanted some dreamy milkbath maternity photos. I won’t lie- I’ve never done one! So I was winging it. We both did some googling. Incase anyone is curious, we used 2 quarts of whole milk and just dumped it into warm water. I had read that its better to have the momma get in the tub FIRST, then lay in the flowers around her so they don’t sink right away. I had extra flowers that I just placed around the tub and I’m so glad I did. It added a lot of texture to the shots! They live on the upper-east side in NYC and have the most amazing city views. Including but not limited to the one out of their TUB! The next day we went out to long island to do photos of the two of them! It was cold and did all of the photos in about 20 mins!!