meet the lost boys


It’s happening!

It has been SUCH a long time coming to offering videography along side my wedding photography. I wanted to team up with talent that matched my style, and I finally found them! The lost boys, aka: Ian and Fischer. Here is a word from the guys:

we are the Lost Boys.

A media production team of two, Ian Andridge and Fischer Genau, we offer a broad range of video and photo services and are available for hire in all 50 states and Canada. 

our story.

We’ve been friends for seven years now. The first few projects we worked on were little GoPro edits of our friends skating around town (which we were pretty stoked on at the time). Of course a lot of things have changed since then, but we never put our cameras down.

When it came time to head off to college, we decided to try something else.

We bought a van, remodeled accordingly, and are setting out across the country with a couple of camera bags in tow. We don’t have a set itinerary or concrete plans. We don’t know what each month, each week, or each day will bring, but that’s what we’re excited about. Our intent is to set ourselves free from the conventions of everyday life and let passions, creativity, and stoke run rampant and wild. We want to see, by losing security and normalcy, just what we can find.

Check out their website here