Ashlee Crowden

My name is Ashlee Crowden, but from the moment you meet me, you’ll just call me Ashlee and address me as your friend, not your photographer. I am a wife, designer, friend, daughter, sister, and Christian; but most of all, I am a photographer, and that is the part that brought you to my site and my page! You can watch the video here to learn more about me but I’ve also written it out.

I’m very relaxed and as we go through our consultation, you’ll learn how easy it is to work with me. From the moment we make our initial phone call or in person meeting, you will feel my warm personality bursting through every word I say and every movement I make. Your photo session planning will be unique, simple, and creative, and you won’t feel like you’re left out of the process or that steps are skipped.

How I run my sessions: Be who you are. You’re the whole reason I am standing behind the camera! For that hour or two that you book me, you are my world. My whole reason for holding up the camera is to catch you smile, your cute dimples or the little kiss he gives you on your neck; those are the moments I want to capture. You have a “way” you are… What makes you, you. And this is so important to me. Your consult helps me learn you. Your session helps me capture you. Your images will burst with the very essence that makes up your entire personality style! I can't wait to work with you!

Ashlee Crowden Photography is located in Denver, Colorado, but available for travel all over the world! 

I was also recently featured on the Huffington Post, check it out HERE


Meet Ashlee!